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  • The Underground Cave Resort...!! "Heaven On Earth"
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Call on the spirit of adventure and take a plunge into the past spanning epochs and watersheds in history, recreating man's ascent up the ladder of civilization as you dwell into an episode of man's life.

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An Exhilarating Experience

Guhantara - the heart of the cave, as it would literally mean, you find yourself in midst of an exhilarating experience. India's very first Underground Cave resort, which is nested peacefully under the surface of the earth. 


An Architectural Wonder

Retelling the story of us; lifting off feet & transporting to a different world is Guhantara - combining luxury with Spartan splendor. Guhantara is not only an fascinating destination but also a symbol of brilliance of man's mind as he fashioned civilization with all but his two hands.


The resort has 20 rooms with unsuited bathrooms and sit outs, each room overlooks the scenic beauty with Greenary.

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Guhantara is providing facilities like Conference Hall named as Samvaada, Lounge Bar as Madhu Shala, Ethnic restaurant as Sambhojana.

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Tunnel Trekking, Beach Volley Ball, Archery, Rain Dance, Bicycle ride, Bonfire, Table tennis, Zorb ball and many more...

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